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The College of Transportation Engineering held the 2019 Graduate Employment Mobilization Conference


In order to help the 2019 graduates to understand the employment situation, improve their employment awareness, and prepare for employment as soon as possible, on June 13, theCollegeof Transportation Engineering held the 2019 Graduate Employment Mobilization Conference in the COSCO Report Hall. Wu Hongying, Chairman of Dalian Wanheng Testing Co.,Ltd.,ZhangJiao,Director ofHuman Resources Departmentof DalianChunan International Logistics Co.,Ltd., Wei Xiuling, Human Resources Manager of Xinfeng Marine Logistics Co.,Ltd., Ma Ruixia, Head of Recruitment of Xinfeng Marine Logistics Co.,Ltd.,An Lei,Sales ManagerofUniversal international freight forwarding(China)Co.,Ltd.Dalian Branch,Zhang Junting,Student Employment Guidance Center Deputy Director,andleadersof the Transportation Engineering Institute attended the conference. The meeting was hosted by Shao Qiang,director of the Student Affairs Office.

Qu Ning, secretary of the Party Committee of theCollegeof Transportation Engineering, gave an analysis of the employment situation at the meeting. She introducedthe employment situation of the 2017 graduatesbriefly, analyzed the current situation, and encouraged students to think actively,improve their employment awareness,cultivate their ownability and make practical and feasible employment plans in line with their own development.

Li Xiaofei, deputy dean of the college, issued an appointment letter for the 2019 graduate employment committee.

Ji Mingjun,the deputy director of the college, read out the list of enterprises in the talent training and joint construction base of theCollegeof Transportation Engineering in the 2018-2019 school year.

Zhang Junting issued a talent training base plaque for the guests present at the event.

Shao Guang, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the college, made apep talk. He said that thecollegewouldstep up efforts toguard the students in their pursuing for jobs anditwasthe college’s responsibilityto help the students achieve the goal of “want to find employment, to be employed, to bewell employed”. At the same time,hehopedthat the studentscould have a right attitude,setclearobjectives, prepare carefully, and act positively at this important stage.He also proposedeight practical suggestions for the students.

Finally,Dong Li,senior training consultantofTiandi International Transportation Agency (China) Co., Ltd., our 87 alumniandschool career development and employment guidance expertconductedemployment skills trainingforthe 2019 graduates.

Through thismeeting, the 2019 graduates of theCollegeof Transportation Engineering havebecome more awareof theconcept of employmentand the blindness during job hunting has been reduced.The meeting also lay a solid foundation for more adequate and high-quality employment in the future.

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