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About Us

The Transportation EngineeringSchoolwas re-established in June 2017 by the formertransportation managementschooland some majors from the transportation equipment andmarine engineeringschool.


The school hasfive undergraduateprograms, includingtransportation, traffic management, logistics engineering, materials science and engineering, civil engineering, with 4 PhD programs,includingtransportation planning and management, logistics engineering and management, carrying tools using engineering, road and railway engineering,and 2masterprograms, includingmaterials science and engineering, civil engineering. It also hasfive secondary disciplines such as transportation planning and management, logistics engineering and management, carrying tools using engineering, road and railway engineering, engineering mechanics, and3 programsofengineeringmasterssuch as transportation engineering, logistics engineering, material science.Transportation planning and management, carrying tools using engineering and road and railway engineering disciplinearekey disciplines ofLiaoning province; Laboratory of Ship-Machinery Maintenance and Manufactureis a keyengineering laboratory of the Ministry of Transport in traffic industry; Highway engineering laboratory and laboratory of Ship-Machinery Maintenance and Manufactureengineeringare keylaboratories ofLiaoning province. The school has built a multi-level and multi-program education system for doctorates, masters and bachelors to cultivatepostgraduatesand undergraduates andenrollinternational students.


The school hasa team of excellent faculty members. Currently there are 126 staffswith87 doctoratesin total,including 104 teachersand12 experiment teachersamongwhom37 are professorsand41 are associate professors.49faculty members with thedoctorates obtained abroadshare internationalresearch experiences. Theschoolhasbuilta number ofcreativeacademicteams guided by thedoctoral supervisors.


Theschoolhas great scientific research strength. It undertakes the national key research and development plan projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund, the projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport, Liaoning Province, Dalian City, and the entrusted projects of port and shipping enterprises and institutions. The awards were made for a number of research achievements such as national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, invention and creation awards, etc., making important contributions to the development of transportation technology and technological progress of enterprises.